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Over MLK weekend my friends and I went to lunch at Link & Pin. And man was it delicious!

Address: 155 New Bern St, Charlotte, NC 28203
Hours: 11AM – 12AM

At first glance, the restaurant is very beautiful. I’m not certain why they have a mural of a woman looking out a window over the bar, but they make up for it with a stylish lounge. You can definitely tell that this is the type of place where you can go eat, and then casually sit in the lounge with your friends while drinking a craft cocktail.

Although my food was packed full of flavor, my only critique would be the bread. It was just a plain piece of white bread. I was hoping it was something with a bit more flavor. Maybe buttered bun? Or a crunchier bread? As far as my friends meals, they were absolutely delicious. Take a look at my photos below: