Last year, the nation saw a spike in human trafficking, and the city of Charlotte was not immune to this upsetting rise. One hundred and twenty-five human trafficking arrests were made in the Charlotte area, which marks the fourth-highest number of arrests made by Homeland Security field offices. These arrests lead to thirty local victims being rescued.

With Charlotte seeming to be a growing hub for human trafficking, continuing education and vigilance is key to tracking down victims and their abusers. So, what should the public lookout for if they suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking?

The Signs:

  • Poor or extreme work conditions
  • Long, excessive, or unusual work hours?
  • High-security measures at work and/or living locations such as opaque windows, boarded up windows, bars on windows, barbed wire, security cameras, etc.?
  • Deterioration of physical/mental health — malnourishment, poor hygiene, fearfulness, anxiety, or paranoia
  • Frequently monitored
  • Not allowed to speak to others or for themselves

To read more about recognizing the signs of human trafficking click here. If you suspect someone is a victim, please call the human trafficking hotline at, 1-888-373-7888.

-Written by Sarah Teague 

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