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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This is good news haha…a record number of people attempted to bring guns through TSA security at airports in 2019, but apparently, they were far from the only banned items people tried to get on planes.

The TSA just came out with its annual list of the Top Ten Most Unusual Finds of 2019, and they are pretty crazy. They include:

  • Moose poop (Juneau International Airport, Alaska)
  • Butcherknife (Tri-Cities Regional Airport, Blountville, Tennessee)
  • An uninvited Snake (slithering at Newark Airport):
  • Blow dart gun (Orlando Melbourne International Airport, Florida
  • Martial arts sais (LaGuardia Airport):
  • Power saw (Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Connecticut):
  • Airbag (Orlando International Airport, Florida):
  • Guns/Knives (firearms with knives attached, Miami International Airport):
  • Flares (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska):
  • Samurai swords (blades of three various sizes, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Airport, California)

Source: TSA