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Twitter may not be great for our productivity, but it does deliver some entertaining content. I feel the same way about TikTok. I can be lost in a rabbit hole for hours on both Tiktok and Twitter. The latest hashtag to grab our attention is “Seduce Someone in Four Words” and it is HILARIOUS!

  • “Do you want Dominos?”
  • “I’m registered to vote”
  • “I washed the dishes”
  • “Cheese fries. Large.”
  • “Babe, I’m home alone”
  • “I’m not on Facebook”
  • “Do you want bagels?”
  • “You couldn’t handle it”
  • “I have good credit”
  • “I brought some tacos”
  • And finally, “Go take a nap”

If I had to seduce someone in four words it would probably be, “I’ll bring the truly’s”

Source: Twitter