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I only get 5 hours of sleep at night. I’m probably asleep by 10:30p and I wake up by 4:30a. I find myself constantly exhausted but somehow when its night time, I perk up and struggle to fall asleep. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the average person gets LESS sleep than me. I now will never complain again..

The new survey finds:

  • In 2019, the average American only got five and a half hours of sleep a night, which is down from six hours and 17 minutes the year before.
  • The average American suffered through 105 terrible nights of sleep in 2019, up from 99 the year prior.
  • The average American would be willing to shell out $316.61 for one perfect night of sleep, which is up from $290 in 2018.

Whenever I have sleepless nights I wear something called the Embr Wave, which distracts my mind and regulates my body temperature. I also used to have horrible anxiety when I couldn’t sleep however I’ve now embraced no sleep. Whenever I can’t sleep, I just go do other things.

Source: SWNS Digital