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I was on the phone with my sister yesterday and she told me the craziest story! So my niece, my sisters daughter, is 5 years old and had cavities that needed to be filled. The Dentist recommended that they use gas anesthesia to perform the dental procedure which wasn’t the problem. The problem was when the Dentist told me sister she would need to wait in the lobby.

My sister felt uncomfortable with the idea that her daughter would be loopy, without her in the room. I actually agree with my sister on this. Parents shouldn’t be forced to be in a different room for cavity fillings. Those are scary moments for kids and they may like the comfort of knowing their kid was nearby. Now my sister was flexible, she recommended that they set up a chair outside of the room in which she could then peak in from time to time. The Dentist begrudgingly agreed to this recommendation.

We talked about this on the air and heard from plenty of parents that thought this was totally unacceptable and that the parents SHOULD be allowed in the room. We also heard from people in the dental medical field that gave us better insight why the Dentist did what he did. Listen below and let me know!