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I’m fat. I’m not saying that word as an insult, it’s more of a fact. Also when it comes to cooking, fat means flavor so technically it could be a compliment. Having said that, I still want to lose weight. I’ve tried probably 6 different diets and they all failed. The only “thing” that did work was a plan designed by Total Nutrition Technologywhich I wouldn’t call a diet because it isn’t a temporary solution. I actually lost 100 pounds with their plan.

With the new year upon us, I wanted to see what new diets people were doing. Keto, paleo, Whole30, vegan…there are an unlimited amount of diets, but which one is right for you? I don’t even have to tell you, because odds are you’re going to end up trying every one of them yourself.

I was shocked when I read that a new survey found the average adult will try 126 diets in their lifetime. This means about two new diets each and every year until you die. Ironically, you’ll probably die from something diet-related.

Surprisingly Atkins made the top of the “most tried” meal plans amongst dieters. Intermittent fasting, the cabbage soup diet, keto, and juice cleanses rounded out the rest of the top five.

Bizarre things people say they’d do to lose weight. A brave 16% said they’d drink 12 glasses of lemon juice every day, some say they’d switch to only baby food, and one in 20 would eat a tapeworm. Yuck!

On a positive note, if you’ve stuck to your diet since New Year’s day, congratulations! You’ve beaten the odds. People admit they usually abandoned their diet after an average of just six days.

Source: StudyFinds