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It was the 2015 Panthers football season, they were 15 and 1 and as a media member I was allowed into the Panthers locker room. Inside, you have access to all the players. Naturally, reporters were all over Luke, Cam, Greg, TD, and DeAngelo. So I waited for my moment to get a one on one with Luke. The reporters left, and I made my move. The convo which I have recorded somewhere went something like this:

Maney: Hey Luke, congrats on a great season!

Luke: Thanks man it was awesome

Maney: So you have some time off, are you gonna spend it with your girlfriend?

Luke: Uhhhh… There’s a girl, she lives in Boston

Maney: Ahhh, ok good, so she’s not here and you can have a blast with Luke while he’s in Charlotte

Luke: Uhhh it’s not like that

Congrats on a great career Luke. Save your brain, and your body, you made the right choice!