Coming this April is a show that combines two of television’s hottest subjects: true crime and home renovations. I cannot lie, just the title of the show has me intrigued. The show is called “Murder Flip House” and it comes from the executive producer of “CSI”.

The show will take viewers into some of the scariest houses in the country where unspeakable acts occurred. Not surprisingly, these houses never sold after the infamous murders happened.

The cast will include forensic specialists, spiritual healers, and high-end renovation experts who take on homes across the United States that found their way to fame thanks to mysterious murders and intriguing crimes.
I’m a huge true crime fan, so I would totally watch this! There are two issues I have though. The first is that the show will premiere on a mobile-only service called Quibi on April 6, 2020. Seriously? I gotta pay for another streaming service? Ugh!

My second issue is that Quibi’s content pieces are only expected to be 10 minutes long. Stop! HOW are they going to give the back story on the crimes and fix up the house within 10 minutes? And if it’s only going to be 10-minute segments, does that mean there will be numerous ones? Cause if that’s the case, just make it a 60-minute show!

I guess I’m gonna have to wait until April for my questions to be answered. I do find the concept interesting though. A lil creepy and twisted, but interesting! Read more about the show here.