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LauRen got herself to 38 wins!

  1. Everyone has a food they hate, including celebrities. Kelly Clarkson says she hates Brussel sprouts! What talent competition show did she win back in the day? American Idol


  1. Even though it seems like the internet has forgotten about Justin Timberlake’s debacle with his co-star, his wife hasn’t and is still upset. Who is his wife? Jessica Biel


  1. Mandy Moore is releasing her first album in over 10 years! She also stars as “Rebecca Pearson” in what NBC hit drama show? This Is Us


  1. This “Sorry Not Sorry” pop-star will be doing her first live performance since her 2018 drug overdose at the 2020 GRAMMYS! Who are we talking about? Demi Lovato


  1. Spoiler Alert…Ken Jennings is officially crowned Jeopardy’s “Greatest of all time.” Who is the longtime host of that show? Alex Trebek