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The Internet has sparked many great debates. Do you hear Yanni or Laurel, is this dress blue or white, did Charlie deserve to have his finger bitten? And if the first big debate of 2020 is any indication, we’re in for a delicious decade. The question is: Is it ok to cut a pizza into squares?

A tweet of a circular pizza cut into squares by @LeftistThot420 went viral after people started raging over the proper way to slice a pie. The post was directed at Chicagoians and they were asked “which piece are you picking up first?”

Twitter users from the Midwest seemed to agree there was nothing wrong with how the pie was cut and that the “corners” were the best slice.

But things took a turn when the East Coast got ahold of the post. Someone chimed in saying “who’s the genius who thought it made sense to cut a round pie into tiny rectangular pieces?” Others said they butchered the delicious pile of gluten.

While some are seeing this as pizza abuse. I don’t see what the problem is? Dominos has been doing this for years and it’s my son’s favorite pizza.

As the debate rages on Twitter over the proper way to eat a slice but at least we can all agree that if you eat pizza with a knife and fork that you’re a monster.