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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

It isn’t easy to have a hubby who travels a lot for work, but one woman’s hubby is making things even harder for her.

A woman recently shared on Mumsnet’s AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable?) board that her husband works away from home for about four to six weeks at a time. While he’s away she works outside the home and takes care of their two kids who are both under five.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, before he returns the hubby sends his wife a list of everything that needs to be cleaned in the house before he returns, with the woman noting, “He basically wants the house to look like a show house.” And she adds that he’s been sending these lists for at least three years. She’s particularly annoyed by this and wonders if she’s being unreasonable.

As you can imagine, most people are totally siding with the wife, with 98% saying she isn’t the unreasonable one. The post stirred up so much anger it received over 480 comments.

One person noted, “He is either a massive control freak or he has serious germ issues,” adding, “If it’s the latter he needs help and if it’s the former then get the f**k out of there.”

The woman later shared an update with users, noting that her husband actually apologized for being so controlling, although he wound up falling back into his ways. “Unfortunately towards the end of his time at home it started again,” she wrote. “If I had a spare 15 minutes and was having a sit down he would tell me A, B & C needed doing.”

Source: She Knows