When Harry Styles stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in December he played a rousing game of Ellen’s “Burning Questions.” Only now are fans getting to see his answers particularly one that should get Directioners talking. So, what is Style’s guilty pleasure? One Direction.

During the game, Styles revealed he prefers briefs over boxers, his first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston, he’s not dating anyone, and his three favorite body parts on a woman. “Eyes, smile, character,” he said to a whole lot of giggles from the crowd.

So when DeGeneres asked Styles what his guilty pleasure is, he didn’t disappoint. “Working out to One Direction,” Styles said with a smirk. Enough said. Also: same?

Last year, when Rolling Stone asked Styles about the possibility of a 1D reunion, he said he wouldn’t say “never” to a reunion. But, if they did reunite it would have to be “for the right reasons.” Maybe, that reason could be to give Styles more music to work out to?

Harry Styles Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

Harry Styles got into the hot seat and answered Ellen's "Burning Questions." Find out his favorite body parts on a woman, his first celebrity crush, and his surprising guilty pleasure.