I’ve been to a lot of great sporting events but I still have one on my bucket list: the Big Game. I would take a standing room only ticket for that game, but I wouldn’t say no to something a little more exclusive. Private aviation company NetJets and luxury yacht charter company Northrup & Johnson are offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Big Game. The package includes a private flight to Miami, ocean-front accommodations at the Ritz-Carlton for three nights, and town car transportation.

Once you get to Florida, you’ll receive passes to the NetJets VIP pre-game party and, of course, tickets to the “Big Game.” Your seats will be in the first 10 rows on the 50-yard line. You’ll also have access to the ultra-cool 72 Club at Hard Rock Stadium.

Following the game, you’ll meet the athletes, hit the MAXIM after-party, then take your private jet to the Bahamas for a 4-night Caribbean cruise on a luxury yacht. Pretty sweet, huh? This ultimate package starts at $720,000 for two people. There’s only one of them available and it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. At that price, I can’t imagine too many people will be calling to book.

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