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A lot of people only get a few days off a year so one thing that we should truly value is vacation. I believe that you should do exactly what you want to do with your time off, and not waste a minute of it. Now to be clear, I’m not saying you should fill your schedule with activities every minute. If you want to lay around and do nothing, that’s not wasting vacation, that is relaxing on vacation. Wasting time would be googling “fun things to do” or watching someone else live their vacation on Instagram.

I found a new survey that says the average vacationer loses almost an entire day due to “wasting time”. That includes commuting, thinking of things to do and spending their time on Instagram.

Although there’s really no time to waste, according to a new survey, it seems like that’s pretty much all we do with our time off.

According to the study, about a quarter of vacationers say they spend more time on their vacations doing what others in their group want to do, rather than doing the things they want to. I don’t believe that people should make sacrifices on vacation. I’ve been told that I’m not great to vacation with because if I don’t like someone’s plans, I don’t do them. Which I don’t think is a bad trait. If you give me a vacation suggestion and I like it, then I’ll attend. If I don’t like it, then I’m not going to waste my vacation time doing something just for the benefit of you. Now granted the exception to this is doing things that your significant other wants to do. This specifically applies to friend vacations.

So I challenge this to you. When you’re on a relaxing break, don’t plan while on them. Have the plan already in place. Don’t spend time doing other people’s idea of fun. Don’t only do things for the ‘gram. Truly find what you love and want, and do that. Your vacations just got a hundred times better.

Source: FoxNews