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LauRen got her 33rd win this morning! Maney & Roy both thought she was going to get the last question wrong, resulting in her losing…but turns out her mom is a big fan of the actor so she knew it right away!

  1. The newest Royal couple’s first Royal engagement of 2020 pays tribute to the country where Birmingham Palace is. What country is that? England


  1. Shakira says she will be giving it her all at this year’s Super Bowl. She’s headlining alongside what pop icon engaged to A-Rod? Jennifer Lopez


  1. The iconic Coachella festival is celebrating 20 years in the desert & is getting documentary treatment this year. True or false: Coachella happens in Arizona? False


  1. The Bachelor started it’s season with Pilot Pete last night. What network could you have watched that on? ABC


  1. Happy 56th birthday to this actor who has starred in movies such as “National Treasure,” “Leaving Las Vegas” and was formally married to Alice Kim. Who are we talking about? Nicholas Cage