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The first Monday in January has come to be known as “Divorce Day.”

For me, my new year’s resolution is to lose weight and read more…but others may want a completely fresh new start. Today is the day a lot of those people will be taking a major step to end things. Enough people for there to be an entire day known as Divorce Day! Family lawyers have noticed a high number of people inquiring about leaving their partners on the first Monday in January.

“It’s the day where couples who were tolerating each other during the intense holiday season decide that they want to start the new year afresh,” breakup coach Cherlyn Chong tells Insider, “resulting in a surge of divorce inquiries to Google search and divorce lawyers alike.”

You might be wondering why the first Monday in January. We are too. Chong says it could be because parents stayed together to give the kids one last holiday as a family, or because one spouse doesn’t want to be the evil parent who ended things before/during the holiday season. Holiday stress is also a real thing that can escalate flaws in a marriage, bringing things to ahead.

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