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We’ve been off the airwaves for the past two weeks but before we left for vacation, LauRen got her 31st CBL win. This morning was the first game of the decade…and she tied, and as you know – ties stay in the house! (Not our rules BTW). Play with your family, friends or coworkers today & play with us weekdays 7:35am!


  1. The Golden Globe Awards were last night and Jennifer Anniston was seen laughing at Brad Pitt’s joke about his dating life. True or false: they used to be married? True


  1. For the first time in what seems like forever, The Patriots & their QB will not be in the Super Bowl playoffs. Who is the QB of The Patriots? Tom Brady


  1. Justin Bieber is officially BACK! He released a new single for the first time in 4 years over the weekend. He entered 2020 a married man. Who is he married to? Hailey Baldwin (Bieber)


  1. Brad Pitt won best supporting actor last night at the Golden Globes for his motion picture “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” that he did with THIS Titanic heart throb. Who is that? Leonardo DiCaprio


  1. This former Carolina Panther’s head coach just accepted a coaching job in Washington. Who was the Panther’s head coach for the past 9 years? Ron Rivera