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If you’ve lived in Charlotte in the last decade, you’ve definitely heard of The Peculiar Rabbit. The charming three-story restaurant opened in 2012 on 1212 Pecan Ave.

The restaurant was known for its rooftop views and grand appearance, with a massive mural on the side of the building.

Well, The Peculiar Rabbit closed its doors to the public on Sunday (1/5). The property actually went up for sale in the spring of last year but was not sold. Owner, Rob Nixon, will maintain ownership and will still rent out the space for private parties and events moving forward.


Personally, as someone who lives in Plaza Midwood, it’s concerning to see all of these businesses closing down. I would hate for Plaza Midwood to become too gentrified like South End. I like the character that Plaza Midwood has and I hope the new businesses coming in will protect and respect it.