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The Francene Marie Show

Saturday 6:00am-7:00am

First off, don’t let anyone else set your goals or drop hints of what you need to do. This time you take charge, you set the parameters because this gets tricky when you’re married or boo-ed up. The best advice I can share is to wake up each day as if you’re starting over from scratch, that way you won’t be burdened with yesterday or anxious about the day in front of you. Self-improvement takes a bit of focus, time and strength coupled with loving intentions towards yourself. Please don’t beat yourself up, you’re the unique work of art under construction! Be clear about what your success looks like, in fact, keep redefining it daily or when you’re losing momentum. This new decade is going to put many people out pain and out of their own way, it’s permission to start a new you! Go for it!! Do it!