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Shame on those Priests

Did you hear the news about the Charlotte Diocese releasing an incomplete list of the names of “credibly accused” priests? Does that mean that they are going to jail or somehow avoiding a prison sentence? Have we now learned that maybe reporting sexual abuse to the Diocese is a problem? As soon as I heard that the names were released of the “credibly accused” priests, I emailed Seth H. Langson,  a Child Advocate/Attorney because we serve on the Board of BRAVE STEP, a non-profit that empowers individuals who have been impacted by sexual abuse. Learn more about BRAVE STEP providing personalized services that help adults impacted by sexual abuse reclaim the life they deserve. Even if you were not sexually abused, maybe you know someone who has been and needs support as an adult. In 2020 get involved with BRAVE STEP so we can change the narrative of how we discuss it.