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ATLANTA - MAY 9: Traffic crawls through downtown Atlanta along Interstate 75/85 during rush hour May 9, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. According to a new study Atlanta, like many other cities nationwide, is losing its fight against traffic gridlock. The Texas Transportation Institute ranks Atlanta fourth behind Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., for delays per traveler on its roads. Last year, Atlanta was ranked fifth in the study. (Photo by Barry Williams/Getty Images)

It’s Christmas time! And that means LOTS of people will be on the road visiting family, and friends. While we all enjoy being able to see our friends and family, I think we can all agree there is one part we all don’t enjoy; TRAFFIC!


AAA is expecting about 115.6 Americans will be traveling this holiday season. Here are the worst times to be traveling over the holidays:


For people driving:

Dec. 26th between 4-6pm will be the busiest travel time


For people flying:


December 22nd will be the single busiest air travel day of the holiday week.


Wherever you’re traveling this holiday season, make sure you travel safe!