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Miss Virginia Camille Schrier is now wearing the Miss America 2.0 crown after winning the title last night in the competition’s new home of Uncasville, Connecticut. She won a $50,000 scholarship and succeeded 2019 Miss America Nia Franklin after performing the show’s first-ever science demonstration by showing everyone how to use hydrogen peroxide to make a bunch of foam (which is pretty cool!) – a science experiment that judges Kelly Rowland, Karamo Brown and Lauren Ash loved.

As for her goals as Miss America, Schrier said she wants to champion STEM education, while also promoting drug safety and drug abuse prevention. Victoria Hill of Georgia was the runner-up, winning the $25K scholarship. This was the second competition to ditch the swimsuit contest, as well as the “pageant” title, and just like last year, Twitter wasn’t thrilled about it.

As a former pageant girl myself (who has competed in both the Miss USA AND the Miss America organizations), I feel like this specific “pageant” has changed almost too much. It’s too much like a game show and now it kinda feels like they are pitting women against each other. I get what the Miss America organization was trying to do, but to make the public statement that you can’t be in a swimsuit and be intelligent is insane! I can personally tell you that I have never felt more powerful than when I was walking across the Miss USA stage in my swimwear and I can attest to the fact that you CAN be smart AND sexy! Oh and by the way … that’s okay!

Despite fans’ complaints, the show’s new “2.0” vibe was clear this year. The show opened with contestants grouped by their specialties rather than regions. That included STEM, business, arts and media, and educators and advocates. I actually like this new addition to the show.
The top five finalists were the only ones to show off in the talent portion though… although it didn’t exactly go as planned. Simone Esters of Missouri performed a baton-twirling routine almost completely in the dark – the lighting crew couldn’t keep up with her baton twirling, but she got props for the performance anyway.
As much as I wish the tradition of Miss America was still alive, you can’t take ANYTHING away from these women. They are beautiful, authentic and intelligent! Congratulations to our new Miss America Camille Schrier.