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MIAMI, FL - JULY 28: A Starbucks sign is seen at one of their stores as the Seattle-based company announced that it will close its Teavana chain on July 28, 2017 in Miami, Florida. All 379 Teavana locations will be closed over the coming year. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

I’m not married and I’m not anywhere close to even thinking about that day BUT I can only imagine the thought process that goes into planning a wedding. You’ve got to pick a venue, a date, and the scariest part is you’re planning like a year in advanced so you have no idea what the wedding on that date is going to be like. There is a service for like over $100,000 that will control the weather on your wedding day and make sure you have good weather for it BUT since we aren’t living the Kardashian lifestyle it’s more of a wish and wait type situation. That was the case forĀ Amber Plyler and Kate Mang. They planned to go elope on the beach in South Carolina in front of their kids and some friends. The weather had different plans though. It wasn’t only raining but it was thunder storming with cold and heavy winds. Their plan B was setting it up indoors at the hotel they were staying but the hotel was unable to accommodate. So what was plan C?

What started as an idea from one of their friends turned into an unforgettable experience! The two first met at Starbucks where the both of them worked and several of the friends that made the trip with them were previous Starbucks employees as well. So the idea for Plan C was to contact Starbucks and get married there!


We had one of the brides on the phone with us this week where she talks about what happened! Listen below:

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