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267558 01: Stressed business people at work. (Photo by Liaison)

There’s no doubt a lot to do over the holidays, whether it’s decorate the tree, finding the perfect gift, etc. and it’s causing people a lot of stress. But what’s stressing people out the most? Well, thanks to a new survey, we now know.

A new poll finds

  • 88% of people consider the holiday season the most stressful time of the year.
  • 84% of people start feeling that holiday stress in November.
  • 67% of people feel pressured to create the “perfect” holiday.
  • 47% take on more than they can handle during the holidays.
  • 77% find it hard to relax at all during the holiday season.

So, what specific things are stressing people out the most this holiday season? Well, financial concerns are the top stressor, with 53% saying it’s the source of their stress. Other top stressors include:

  • Getting the perfect gift for everyone on the list (48%)
  • Just keeping up with all of the activities and expectations of the season (46%)
  • Family events (35%)
  • Cooking a delicious meal for family and friends (31%)
  • Decorating the house/tree (29%)
  • Wrapping all the presents (28%)
  • Having a house full of people (27%)
  • Making time for self-care/ ‘me-time’ (26%)
  • Traveling to see loved ones (25%)

Source: SWNS Digital