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We all still like each other in this photo.

Tis’ the season for holiday parties!

Friday night was our annual MRL Show Christmas party and this one was for the books! Instead of our traditional night out for dinner, we decided to do something a little different this year and have a game night instead. Now, before anyone even got there the guys had me stressed out over food! They wanted to know exactly what was on the menu and when I explained that I would be serving heavy appetizers, you would have thought I said to bring your own food. I knew I had enough food to serve but they stressed me out so much that I added two more dishes.

As far as the games, we played “What Do You Meme”, “Uno Action” and  “Catchphrase”.  As you can imagine, our game night started with the best of intentions but quickly went sideways when everyone started to get overly competitive. Here is a look into our night…