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I’m either going to get in trouble for this or get praised by this. Over the weekend, I visited the light show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It’s over 3 miles of millions of lights! It’s a huge Holiday attraction in Charlotte and if you look up the stats, people from all over the country, and even different countries visited this light attraction.

If you look on the website, it literally tells you that Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest and if your schedule allows it…choose a different day. Well, I had my dad in from Raleigh so Saturday night was it. The attraction is open 6pm-10pm and from Plaza Midwood we started heading that way around 8pm. Oh how naive I was thinking that was enough time. BUT…I have a hack. Two hacks actually. The way we took to get there was 77 to 85N and then 485 toward Pineville and then we got off on exit 32 onto US-29 toward Concord. Now if you keep going straight…2.5 miles down the road you will run into Charlotte Motor Speedway. Well, about a mile and a half away on a Saturday night the line started. People were trying to get over, there were curse words and middle fingers but I just kept driving. Just keep driving and once you get to the four way stop light where people are turning into the Speedway to wait in more lines, I kept driving. I popped a U turn and then BAM. Took a left into Charlotte Motor Speedway (they’re still following traffic rules) and there you go. I literally passed about 200 cars. The sign said “2.5 hour wait” and that was at 8:30pm. With that hack and with the hack of funneling out an additional $20 for the fast pass ($50 all together per car) – our wait time was about 1.5.

Taking pictures of Christmas lights turned out to be harder than I thought but check these out:

Merry Christmas y’all!