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Get your formal attire ready because you may be heading to some “friendship weddings” next year. This is when two people love each other very much and don’t actually want to consummate the wedding, but they do want all the economic benefits of tying the knot.

While some people say they’re “marrying my best friend” in their vows, a growing number of millennials are literally doing just that.

Remember that Adam Sandler movie, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”? It’s moving toward being the new norm. Best friends Dylan and Mary-Louise are doing just this. They call themselves “partnered friends,” and they took the leap after living as platonic pals for two years in NYC. They went to City Hall and $35 later were officially married. It wasn’t all paperwork though. It was pretty legit. They had a rehearsal dinner the night before with their friends, and on the big day, Mary-Louise wore a white smock dress and carried a bouquet of sunflowers.

With divorce rates so high, why wouldn’t you want to spend your life with someone you already know you can trust? Especially if it means you get some health insurance at the same time! Strangely, I might be okay with this!