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Oh boy. So I turned 28 this year and all I could think about was how 30 is lurking. As “un grown” as I think I am… this list actually proved to me that I’m not doing so bad! made a list of 30 things you should do before turning 30! Count how many apply to you & let us know! @themrlshow

  • Become financially independent
  • Have some discretion
  • Travel
  • Be able to call it a night
  • Learn to live with other people
  • Ditch bad friends
  • Learn to live with yourself
  • Put yourself out there & attempt to fall in love
  • Get your heart broken
  • Give good/bad advice
  • Be a role model to someone younger than you
  • Find your passion
  • Make/buy/own something that is Yours
  • Have your own place to call home
  • Volunteer
  • Help someone move
  • Begin to enjoy the finer things
  • Learn to cook one meal that is impressive
  • Live in another country
  • Appreciate art
  • Go through a crisis
  • Learn basic DIY
  • Learn basic car maintenance
  • Learn how to use the washer & dryer
  • Stop worrying about your purpose
  • Break the bad habits
  • Start exercising
  • Open up your worldview
  • Try anything you like
  • Realize you can’t do everything


Hopefully you’re like me & realize you aren’t doing so bad afterall 🙂