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Okay, this is where I lose it!

There’s so much that can go wrong on your wedding day, but having your partner’s ex run into the ceremony trying to stop it has got to be one of the worst. This was the reality for one bride in the U.K., who lived through this nightmare and can even laugh about it now.

Stacey Owen was enjoying her first dance with her new hubby, Keri, when a woman burst in shouting, “Stop the wedding, it should’ve been me!” The woman was also dressed in a wedding dress and started hitting the groom with a bouquet of flowers as wedding guests cringed and the newlyweds tried not to freak out. WHAT?!?!

Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before the couple figured out that this wasn’t some crazy ex of her husband’s, it was actually comedian January Reese, who was convinced to crash the nuptials by the maid of honor, Jackie Lewis. She says she wanted to do something silly for her friend at her wedding, so she and the comedian planned it for months. I would have KILLED them both! Especially during my first dance! (Hey, at least it wasn’t during the ceremony though.)

Once she realized what was going on, the bride joined everyone in laughing at it. Stacey has a good sense of humor about it, saying “the performance has had everyone talking.”

That poor groom was probably like “huh”?