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Meck County Holiday Closing

Hope you liked playing musical chairs as a kid…because it’s looking like that’s quickly becoming the new strategy for office layouts. Companies know that we’re tired of being tied down to our desks and want to be able to work anywhere, and they’re starting to listen. But unfortunately, they only heard the first part about not wanting a desk.

Enter to the new trend “Hot Desking.” Instead of having an office to yourself, or a seating chart, there are no desk assignments and only chaos. Yes, the deck and chair you’ve grown accustomed too might soon be replaced with a couch or long communal table with a bunch of bar stools

Employers love hot desking because it reduces overhead costs and they can literally shrink down the office space they need to pay rent on. Yes, they’re going green because it’ll save some green.

The reviews are in, and people are not a fan. Some hot deskers were interviewed by The Financial Times and one graphic artist said, “it makes me paranoid that I’m missing out if I get there late and miss the good desks” and another said, “I have to get to work an hour early just to get a desk these days.” Yay, more time spent at work! Just what we all wanted!


Source: Business Insider