Founder Toby Foreman has been in the coffee industry for nearly thirty years and his company HÆRFEST COFFEE does things a little different. 

Twenty years ago he had a vision for HÆRFEST COFFEE while working with his brother Ethan who had an intellectual disability, to create a coffee roasting company with the specific intent to employ individuals with an intellectual and or developmental disability. Eight years later his son Reid was born with Down syndrome and that vision took on another level of conviction.

Since its inception 20 years ago, and then with Reid’s birth, HÆRFEST has evolved into what it is today with every aspect of the company intentionally created to provide a job for those with disabilities; everything from the artwork on the bags being commissioned by individuals with a disability, to roasting, to grinding, to packaging, delivery, as well as home-based microbusinesses for those unable to work outside of the home.

If you would like to visit this amazing coffee shop head down to 919 Berryhill Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. See more on HÆRFEST COFFEE Roasting Co. by clicking here. You can help by donating this year during our Secret Santa event below and give back to this wonderful hospital with have within our community. DONATE HERE!

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