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Remember that J.Lo song, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing?” Well, it seems she may have been a little off with that one. New research suggests being in a relationship will definitely cost you and it even comes up with a dollar amount it’ll set you back.

According to a survey, being part of a couple is actually pretty expensive. Their research reveals that being in a relationship can cost you a whopping $4,630.55 a year. And that is just on average … We all know there are some people out there that cost a little more too!

The survey asked more than 4,000 adults about their relationship status and how they were doing financially. The survey finds that even if they don’t think so, singles are doing better financially than those who are coupled up.  So being single is good for your bank account, something you can tell your nosy aunt on Thanksgiving when she asks why you’re not settled down yet.