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LauRen now has 18 wins!

  1. Hannah Brown was crowned the winner of last night’s season 28 finale of “DWTS.” She was on what ABC reality dating show? The Bachelor/The Bachelorette


  1. Congrats are in order for “The Today Show” host Hoda who announced she was engaged yesterday! What network does her show air on? NBC


  1. Cody Simpson & Miley Cyrus are taking their relationship to the next level. He’s reportedly spending thanksgiving with her family. Who is Miley’s rock star dad? Billy Ray Cyrus


  1. Maney hosted Cam Newton’s Thanksgiving Jam last night where he fed 1,300 kids at Top Golf. True or false: Cam Newton is marrried? False


  1. Dan & Shay said getting this Canadian pop star on their song ’10,000 Hours’ was a hail mary to them & they still can’t believe it. Who is featured on that song with them? Justin Bieber