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Woman having a nail manicure in a beauty salon with a closeup view of a beautician applying rich purple nail varnish with an applicator

During the 2010s we welcomed all kinds of new skincare, makeup, and beauty trends, but some of them haven’t really aged well. With a new decade right around the corner, it’s time to leave these looks from the last 10 years in the past. I am struggling with this because I loved some of these trends. I love gel manicures, contouring and microblading but the rest I can get down with kicking to the curb. Here are some of the trends that are predicted to go away in 2020.

  • Thick eyeliner – We saw lots of celebs and TV characters wearing heavy liner on their lids in the early 2010s, but it can end up looking raccoon-like and harsh.
  • Gel manicures – Sure, long, perfectly polished nails look pretty, but removing gel manis can wreak havoc on nails and the UV lamps used to harden the gel can prematurely age the skin on your hands.
  • Heavy contouring – If you’re walking a runway or posing for photos, you want to look camera-ready. But if you’re just trying to warm up your face in real life, a dusting of bronzer looks much more natural.
  • Microblading – Fuller brows are still in and lots of ladies have turned to microblading to get the look, but the procedure, which uses tiny needles to get semi-permanent ink in the skin has some downsides. The dyes used aren’t regulated by the FDA, can cause an allergic reaction and may start to look “unnatural” over time.
  • Graphic, negative-space eyeliner – Sure, it looks good on the red carpet, but for daily wear? Not so much.
  • Super glittery highlighters – They photograph well, but all that shine can look costume-y and overdone in natural light.