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ALRIGHT PEOPLE. This is not a drill. The Holidays are approaching and despite what you’re reasoning might be…sometimes you got to do what you got to do! My reason was that I hadn’t come out of the closet yet, but like I said…despite your reasoning…sometimes you have to lie to family members and say you are in a relationship when you’re really not. My grandpa used to ALWAYS ask me if I had a boyfriend or if I was dating. My excuse was always, “too busy.” As you get older…you can only use that excuse for so long! SO…to help you out, if you’re in this situation…here’s some things you can do…


Create Basic Facts For Your Imaginary Boyfriend

What’s his name? What does he look like? Where did you meet him? What does he do for a living? What is his hometown? Does he have siblings?

If Possible Get A Male Friend To Impersonate Your Boyfriend

Pose for a few pictures with a guy friend. If you’re feeling really crazy, set up a fake Facebook account for the guy. Let’s face it. If your mom or cousin adds him on Facebook, you can blame the lack of pictures on the fact that he has high privacy settings.

Why He Isn’t At Thanksgiving Dinner With You?

If this relationship is going well . . . why isn’t he at Thanksgiving? He has to be with his family? Give him a dying relative . . . that will make him look sweet. Also, he travels a lot for work. But maybe he will come back for Christmas?

Stage A Holiday Phone Call

Have the guy friend impersonator call you over the phone during Thanksgiving dinner. Put him on the phone with Grandma.

Send A Holiday Gift Basket To Where You Are Having Dinner

Send a floral arrangement or gift basket to your mom from your imaginary boyfriend with an apology note for not coming!

Show Off The “Gifts” He Bought You

This is a great chance to show off an expensive gift you bought for yourself. Did you buy a piece of jewelry that is a little too fancy to bring home for Thanksgiving? It is now a token of affection from your imaginary boyfriend.

Don’t Get Too Deep.

The most important tip for having an imaginary boyfriend is keep the relationship short. Break up with your “imaginary boyfriend” by December 15th.

Why Did You Break Up With Your Imaginary Boyfriend?

So your family doesn’t bother you on Christmas, there needs to be a good story as to why you and your imaginary boyfriend broke up. Did he cheat on you? Did he enlist in the military? Possible terror suspect?