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LONDON - NOVEMBER 03: Production staff on the weekly fashion magazine, Grazia edit the magazine in a temporary office inside the Westfield shopping centre on November 3, 2008 in London. For one week Grazia magazine is being produced in the Westfield shopping centre and are offering shoppers free make-overs, fashion consultations and advice on pursuing a modeling career. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

For the most part, we’re all in favor of humans keeping their jobs and not having some robot come in to replace them. Apparently, that’s true, unless it’s their boss. In that case, hello ManagementBot 3000!

A new study says almost two-thirds of workers worldwide say they’d trust a robot to run their office over a human. In fact, 82% of workers say robot managers would actually be better at things like scheduling and unbiased communicating than our boring old human boss.

But there is good news for all the head honchos out there with the nice offices and living wages. The respondents did agree that human bosses are still better at understanding feelings, coaching, and creating a motivating work climate. That doesn’t mean you’re doing it. It just means that you’re better than the average Smart Speaker right now. Now if your boss isn’t good at understanding your feelings or coaching you, then I’d settle for the robot.

Source: WeForum