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What a morning. Maney & LauRen got handcuffed at 6:30am to begin their 24 hours. Not even Maney can slow down the pop princess. She got her 15th win this morning!

  1. Taylor Swift has been cleared to sing her old songs this Sunday but may not because her people say “she may not have enough time to work them into her performance.” What does “AMA” stand for? American Music Awards


  1. Jennifer Aniston reached 20 million IG followers & her friends trolled her over the accomplishment. True or false: She played Phoebe on ‘Friends’? False – Rachel


  1. Five years of marriage and four kids later, Kim Kardashian took to the Gram to remind all her followers how much she loves her husband. Who is her husband ? Kanye West


  1. Gigi Hadid is back in contact with her One Direction ex after her recent break up with Tyler Cameron. Which 1D member did she used to date? Zayn Malik


  1. Blake Lively recently deleted all of her Instagram posts except for one, which is promoting her next movie. Who is her husband? Ryan Reynolds