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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, and I am getting ready to get some serious deals.

Now, I never really hit the streets on Black Friday and do my shopping in store; it’s just too much trouble but I do spend the whole weekend online, finding the best deals! And here are some tips I’ve used that have really helped in the past:

  1. Know The Deals Beforehand

    1. If you’re lucky enough to know what you’re looking for, make sure you check all the sites and see where the best deal is. Just because one store has a good deal on something you want, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better deal out there!
  2. Don’t Just Buy For Other People

    1. Black Friday is an AMAZING time to stock up on things you need yourself. Last year, I stocked up on all my makeup for the year because the deals were so great.
  3. Check Brand Websites As Well As Retailer Sites

    1. While most people tend to look at the main retailer sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Belk, Ect. for deals, some of the BEST deals come straight from the brands themselves. Don’t forget to check the websites of the actual retailers like Levi, Kate Spade, Pandora, ect. (I used this to get all my makeup deals last year)
  4. Even Handmade Gifts Are On Sale

    1. If you’re someone who loves giving sentimental gifts, definitely check out Etsy on this weekend, as a lot of the individual retailers are offering great deals as well!
  5. Expect The Unexpected

    1. When it comes to finding great deals, you can’t be too picky about what you’re looking for. Keep an open mind on these deal weekends and look in all departments because you never know if the perfect gift you hadn’t thought about is on sale!