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LauRen started her week with a win…bringing her up to 13 wins!

  1. This former One Directioner who almost played in Eric in Disney’s live action Little Mermaid was the host & musical guest on SNL over the weekend. Harry Styles


  1. Kanye West took his choir to Texas and performed in a County Jail while his wife was on The Today Show. Who is his wife? Kim Kardashian


  1. Big week for the Jo-Bros! They will be here in Charlotte on Wednesday and just got added to Sunday’s American Music Awards. They’ll be featured in a special live performance from their sold-out Boston stop. What nearby town does their family own the restaurant “Nellie’s” in? Belmont


  1. Gwen Stefani will not be returning to the show she met her current boyfriend, Blake Shelton, on next season BUT Blake insists that the singing competition show has not seen the last of Gwen by any means. What show are they currently on together? The Voice


  1. John Legend’s wife hilariously scared him while he was a guest host on Ellen. Who is his wife? Chrissy Teigen