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Every millennial is basically an amateur private detective based on our Internet expertise. And there’s nothing we use our virtual stalking skills more for than dating.

You match with a stranger on Tinder and then you use Google to find any public social media they have so you can scroll through their entire life before meeting them IRL. I have to be honest though … I did this way before Tinder. When I met my husband all I knew about him was his name. OF COURSE,  I Googled him! I found out that he was a head hunter, that did part-time work for the Miami Dolphins and that he graduated from Virginia Tech!

The question is: Does having all access to all this info ruining dating?

Dating experts say light snooping is fine, but since nobody just clicks on one picture, or reads just one of their tweets, it’s becoming an issue. Julie Spira, an online dating expert, says it kills some of the magic. “When you get to the date, it’s good to be conversational and see if you have chemistry,” she explains. “But no one wants to feel like their date did a background check on them before meeting for the first time.”

Ummm, hello! Were not going to tell them we stalked them!