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It’s been 15 years since Facebook launched, 13 years since the first tweet on Twitter, and close to 10 years since Instagram came into our lives. While these popular social media platforms can help us stay connected, there are downsides to our interconnected world. There are some unwritten rules when it comes to social media and breaking them could cost you a friend in real life.

The list of no-nos includes:

  • Taking a picture of someone and posting it online without their consent (64.3%)
  • Giving medical advice (48.3%)
  • Tagging a photo of someone without their permission (48%)
  • Asking for financial donations on social media (47.8%)
  • Posting political opinions (20.5%)

And for some people, crossing those boundaries is unforgivable. Nearly one in 10 people surveyed say they’ve ended a friendship over social media content posted without their permission. So when in doubt, ask before you post.

This is why we on the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show hosts a segment called “Unfriended.” Our goal is to intervene before the friendship is unrepairable. Majority of the time the offenders did something listed above, and we try to bridge the two back together. If you have never heard of “unfriended” make sure you download the Kiss 95-1 app to listen to MRL On Demand!

Source: Bustle