Holiday Traditions with Kiss 95.1

The holiday season is upon us…so that means your office doing the bare minimum to show some Christmas spirit. Decorations that are a fire hazard, a tray of cookies made by someone’s kids that probably didn’t wash their hands and someone is going to pitch doing “Secret Santa” because it’ll be “fun.” Nope, nope, and no thanks!

If you’re anti-anonymous gift-giving, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, over a third of Millennials want to ban secret Santa and other Christmas gift-giving money pools. Why? They want to save their money.

What starts out as a quirky little way to gain synergy or some other business teamwork synonym, quickly gets out of hand with the spending.

  • 73% of millennials on this holly jolly survey said they often contribute more than they could afford to an office celebration,
  • 25% of us say we’ve even had to dip into our savings or go into overdraft to participate. It’s like reverse Scrooge-ing.

Combine this with the fact the average millennial reports spending around $166 annually on a coworker’s gift…the 17% say they’ve been “called out” for being stingy. Ouch!