If you’re looking to stay in a luxury hotel or B & B then maybe your skills can help pay for your stay.  Here is how!

More than 600 hotels and B & Bs have signed up for the second annual International Barter Week. The special week runs from November 18th – 24th.  It invites skilled guests to stay for free in exchange for goods or work to improve their properties. Hotel and B & B host post “wishes” for everything from carpentry and social media skills to softly used books and board games.

Workaway currently lists 30,000 hosts worldwide that offer food and accommodations to guests in exchange for a few hours of work a day. The International Barter Week launched in 2018.  It is the sister initiative to Italian Barter Week which launched 11 years ago. The goal of 2020 is to have a permanent barter site where hotels and B & Bs can partner with guests year-round.

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