For the next few “Dishin'” episodes we’re gonna revisit some great Thanksgiving ideas we’ve covered before.  And today, we’re going to start with the big feast’s star, the turkey.

Now we’ve had turkey a lot of different ways over the years (smoked, slow-roasted, etc.), but there’s NEVER been turkey that was as easy to do, or tastes better than, a “fried” turkey.

When we first moved to Augusta, Georgia in 1996, we were told about “fried turkeys,” and we had the image in our heads of an enormous, fried chicken kinda thing.

This amused one of our co-workers so much that he came over to our home (with other co-workers) and cooked one in our backyard on a Saturday night in early November.

We were hooked.

My husband prides himself on his fried bird, and quite frankly that’s fine with me as I’ve got so much more I’m worried about cooking on that day, it’s one less thing.

I know, I should have never given Charlie permission to do anything IN FRONT of the camera.  Did he really do half of this with his eyes closed because he’s camera shy?  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and consider frying your bird this year.

It really is the easiest and tastiest way to get it done for Thanksgiving.