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Unfortunately, we don’t have jobs here at the station that we could work from home. However, if you can work from home, it does have its perks. No traffic, no toxic coworkers, and you always know who took the last cup of coffee. But it can also be extremely difficult to get motivated and be productive. Especially when there are distractions like TV and laundry.

What can you do to fix that? Pretend you’re going to the office.

Trick yourself into thinking you’re going into work, and you’ll trick your brain into getting to work. Here are some recommendations on how to get this done:

  • Commute. Get up, get dressed, and get ready for your morning commute. Replace your crappy drive with a morning jog or a nice relaxing walk with your dog. This will help you separate sleep time and work time.
  • Have a Dedicated Office Space. Pick a spot without a lot of foot traffic from your family or roommates and a spot you can give work your full attention.
  • Pretend You’re Not Home. Now that you’re situated in your workspace. You wouldn’t be watching TV or doing laundry at work, would you? Treat your home office the same.

A great rule of thumb for working at home is: Would I do this if I worked in an office? If the answer is no, then skip it.