Thanksgiving Traditions with Kiss 95.1

I’ve heard of people skipping the woes of Christmas spending and formal dinners to reduce stress, but not heard of someone skipping Thanksgiving dinner.

Even if you’re in transition and needing a hot meal, it’s likey someone will invite you, or there are non-profits serving up hot meals. The Charlotte Rescue Mission is one of those non-profits. They also believe in a drug-free world. If you feel strongly about helping the hungry on Thanksgiving think about doing it with the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

Charlotte Rescue Mission all about is transforming lives by serving people impacted by addiction to equip them to thrive in the community. Charlotte Rescue Mission was founded in 1938, with a long history of reaching out to the homeless and those battling addictions. Over the years, the Mission has been located in several different uptown Charlotte buildings and had several different names, but their commitment to serve the homeless in Charlotte North Carolina has always been the goal.

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