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LauRen is out sick today, so we played CBL a little differently this morning. We got two listeners and had them play against each other. They both got all five correct…so both listeners walked away as a CBL winner! Hopefully LauRen will be back tomorrow and you can play against her 7:35am. She’s currently sitting at 8 wins.

  1. Happy 45th Birthday to this actor who has starred in movies such as Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby. Who are we talking about? Leonardo DiCaprio


  1. Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband recently documented his routine colonoscopy & doctors found & removed precancerous polyp. Here is your reminder for the need for routine health exams! Who is her husband that now vlogs on YouTube? Will Smith


  1. Kylie Jenner may not be with her man anymore but her & their daughter still supported him while on tour in Houston. Who is her rapper ex-boyfriend? Travis Scott


  1. John Legend & Kelly Clarkson have released their new “Baby It’s Cold Outside” version. What NBC talent competition show do they coach on together? The Voice


  1. Justin Bieber gave into the hype and tried this chain restaurant’s viral chicken sandwich. He wasn’t as much of a fan of it as other people are. What fast food restaurant are we talking about? Popeyes