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To me the best party is last-minute entertaining because you don’t have time to stress out, or if you do it comes and goes without too much drama. If you throw a last-minute party here are some suggestions for hosting at your home. Send out invitations online or make a group chat and ask that everyone replies. Doing it by mail is simple too but waiting for an rsvp and trying to make sure everyone gets them or not is stressful. 

Don’t go crazy over decor. There is no need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on over the top decorations. I promise you nobody will remember how cute your house looked. They will remember the memories and time spent with friends. Have simple finger foods and not a five-course meal when doing a last-minute holiday. Make it simple with nachos, chips and dip, roasted weenies, cheese with cracks, and veggies! Keep it simple, but mindful of folks that don’t eat meat. Make a self serve bar in your home, this allows people to drink whatever they would like. It helps you become less stressed considering you won’t be catering to everyone’s requests and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the party.


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