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Turkey or Ham Bones

We’re still polishing off Halloween candy as we start to think about Thanksgiving menus and it’s a reminder that this time of year it’s all about the food. And as much as we love eating seasonal treats and family meals, we may have a hard time around the holidays keeping the extra pounds off, but don’t feel guilty about what you’re doing!

Instead of focusing on the negative, like how to avoid overeating or not letting a passive-aggressive comment send you into a peppermint bark binge, let’s try these new, kinder, gentler, more realistic rules for the holidays. Stick to these 5 dos’s and don’ts to help you make peace with your body during the season that’s all about eating.

  • DO ditch your scale the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas … or maybe for the rest of the year.
  • DO give yourself permission to be more relaxed about diet and exercise during the holidays.
  • DON’T forget to eat healthy foods and lighter fare to balance out all those sweets and cheese.
  • DO keep moving with dancing, walking, ice skating, sledding, and strolling with your loved ones.
  • DO use your New Year’s resolution to focus on making a healthy lifestyle change instead of making it an excuse to hate on your body.